av-boards Nuvolari Freerace

Nuvolari Freerace

Coming from the experience on the Modena Slalom range, AV-Boards developed a new FreeRace range called Nuvolari available in 3 sizes: Nuvolari 106, 119, 132.
The outline features a narrower nose and tail compared to Modena boards, to enhance comfort and easier jibing. The rail are lower and more freeride oriented and the footstrap positions a two: one insider for freeride oriented sessions or to enhance control in bumpy conditions, and a second option more on the rail, for sport oriented session or flat water conditions.

SIZES 106/119/132

The bottom shape is developed from Modenas, with shorter flat rear section and smaller cut outs on Nuvolari 106 (228 x 66 x 106L) and Nuvolari 119 (229 x 71 x 119L). The boards feature the deck concave to have the same slalom setup on the water. The Nuvolari 132 (227 x 78 x 132L) features a slightly longer rear flat section on the bottom and a deep Tuttle box foil ready, so can be used also in super light wind conditions to ride on a foil.

Hinta: 2399.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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