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Nytro FreeWave

We designed the new shape of Nytro FreeWave after many years of experience developing this range of boards. This is the perfect board for the “rough conditions” days, but it’s also able to provide the best sensations you can get on your everyday sessions. The straight rocker line provides early planning ability and great top speed.

The Nytro Freewave is the perfect board to learn how to ride a wave on a windsurf board, or for wave riders looking for a great on-shore wave board for European conditions.

SIZES 87/97/103/113

Nytro is the new FreeWave range of boards, featuring 4 new shapes: 87 (228 x 58,5 x 87lt), 97 (229 x 60 x 97lt), 103 (230 x 62,5 X 103 lt), 113 (232 x 65 x 113 lt). Developed from previous AV-Boards FreeWave concept, Nytro boards are more Allround-Wave oriented, featuring a new outline with a narrower nose, a straighter and faster scoop line with a reduced kick in the tail. The tail features the classic swallow shape, with slightly less volume, but wide enough to give acceleration and pimp early planning  performances. The bottom shape is full double concave with a pronounced V on the tail to enhance manoeuvrability and easier turn ability. All the shapes feature a thruster setup with slot box on the front fins and a power box on the central fin. Nytro can be also a great single fin performer, for sessions more freeride oriented, especially for the bigger volumes, that can be used as summer allrounder.

Hinta: Alk. 2399.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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