Goya Bolt Pro

Freerace Single

The 115, 125 and 135 now come as Foil Ready constructions allowing the use of a hyrdofoil. The Bolt line focusses on increased widths that will primarily add to your average speed around the course while still focusing on top end performance with tail cut-outs and the infinite tail rocker acceleration our Bolts are known and praised for.

The Bolt is Francisco’s favorite approach on racing. Crazy fast but still accessible and easy, with a rocker that has an almost continuos flat section from behind the mast to the tail, with only the lightest release off the tail for pure speed and acceleration.

A concave deck drives the power of the rig lower and forward on the water. Generous tail cutouts bring flotation to lower speeds and reduce the wetted area on straight lines. The Bolt gets up and planing on the lightest breeze, and paces through gusts, allowing you to forcefully ride on the fin with direct control. The new outlines project you out of jibes like no other Freerace board.



Available in 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 liters.
Foil Ready: 115, 125, 135 liters.

Available in Pro Full Carbon Deck construction.
Available with a Tuttle finbox (95, 105) or Deep Tuttle Foil Ready finbox (115, 125, 135).
Available in black on metallic silver.

Hinta: 1995.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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