The M-equipment Meidjo 2.1

Since the creation of MEIDJO we are always at your disposal. You have made comments and suggested several ideas for improvement or made requests for new features.
We have studied everything and analyzed your messages in detail. After a long period of work during which we calculated, designed, prototyped and tested even more innovative solutions, we approach perfection. The result of this work is the integration of 10 new parts.
Based on our tests we can assure you that MEIJDO 2.1 is the best telemark binding ever produced.
Even easier to use, more reliable and still the lightest, it will bring you even more pleasure in your telemark.
MEIDJO 2.1 is the best telemark binding currently available. With its unique design it is always as light and easy to fit, thanks to the step in system of the THE M Equipment’s patent, it guarantees a very natural telemark practice with an unequalled precision. Of course MEIDJO 2.1 always integrates its unique duck but release system that will protect your knees.
With these new improvements, the practice of touring will be even more enjoyable and you will be able to go on a trip over several days in complete serenity.
MEIDJO 2.1 raises the level even higher by pushing the limits even further. More reliable, more secure and easier, MEIDJO 2.1 offers even more fun.

MEIDJO 2.1 takes all the ingredients that made the success of MEIDJO

  • Specific lowtech developped for telemark with springs twice powerful
  • The step in system that simplifies the way you put on your skis
  • The adjustable safety that will allow you to take off in case of a fall (1st time in the world)
  • Our heel set V2 which propose a shim of 7° and 13°
  • A touring mode with free pivot and free heel
  • Its unbeatable weight of 840 grams per pair
  • A ski-ready position – your shoe is only 20mm from the ski
  • 45 mm anchor spacing for better hold
  • The possibility to integrate the ResQski to find your skis lost in powder up to 30 m and a meter deep
  • New locking system of the touring mode
  • Integration of the Easystep In system into the jaws (CNC machining)
  • New crimped tips on the jaws incorporating ice-sized footprints
  • Un nouveau support d’arceau avec amortisseur pour une fin de course plus douce et une limitation des contraintes sur les vis de fixation
  • Springs even more longer for even more flexibility
  • A simplified mounting
  • Anti Snow Pack (ASP)
  • Winged heel
  • Improvement of the base plate
  • Improvement of the touring plate ensuring a perfect lock
  • Integration of subtle improvements of the spring box

The package contains:

  • 2 MEIDJO 2.1 bindings
  • 4 additional tension springs
  • Screws needed to mount the bindings
  • 1 adjustement allen key
  • 2 transparent drilling pattern
  • the instructions for use

Binding available in two sizes:
Size S: for shoe retailer from 22.5 to 26 (mondopoint)
Size L: for shoe retailer from 26.5 to 31 (mondopoint)

Scott Shoes For Meidjo Small size , the shoes needed are 22.5 to 25.5 and for Meidjo Large size , the shoes needed are 26 to 31.


Hinta: 549.00 €

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