The M-equipment Meidjo 2.1

Since the creation of MEIDJO we are always at your disposal. You have made comments and suggested several ideas for improvement or made requests for new features.
We have studied everything and analyzed your messages in detail. After a long period of work during which we calculated, designed, prototyped and tested even more innovative solutions, we approach perfection. The result of this work is the integration of 10 new parts.
Based on our tests we can assure you that MEIJDO 2.1 is the best telemark binding ever produced.
Even easier to use, more reliable and still the lightest, it will bring you even more pleasure in your telemark.
MEIDJO 2.1 is the best telemark binding currently available. With its unique design it is always as light and easy to fit, thanks to the step in system of the THE M Equipment’s patent, it guarantees a very natural telemark practice with an unequalled precision. Of course MEIDJO 2.1 always integrates its unique duck but release system that will protect your knees
With these new improvements, the practice of touring will be even more enjoyable and you will be able to go on a trip over several days in complete serenity.
MEIDJO 2.1 raises the level even higher by pushing the limits even further. More reliable, more secure and easier, MEIDJO 2.1 offers even more fun.
– The winged heel set
– Anti snowpack protection + new spring leever plate
– The red bar and the touring plate
– the spring box
– Better heel support in vertical position
– Easy lifting of the red heel set in vertical position
– Improve the reliability of the heel set spring
– Improve the blocking of the spring box in touring mode (which sometimes jumped)
– Remove the snowpack under the flextor when praticing tele in powder
– Allowing the skis brakes to be mounted without dismantling the binding
– Reinforce the grip of the binding on light ski
The new “winged” heel set is much easier to use in hiking mode. It presents three evolutions:
– Lateral wings: raising the heel stet with the pole basket has never been easier
– The central hole is closed to eliminate the risk of snow accumulation under the heel. Much more pleasant in powder snow
– The new spring – more powerful and reliable – is internal to the heel strap and no longer supported by the ski. The heel strap has two firm positions: ski mode or touring mode – no more alternatives.
No more snowpacking, more pleasant and more reliable with simplified ski stop assembly
The MEIDJO 2.1 has an integrated anti-snowpack protection that fits on the hoop plate. There’s no metal underneath the flextor. Its inverted V-shape allows snow to be evacuated on the sides.
This piece also obstructs the clearance under the flextor.
More rigid, ensuring better anchoring in the ski with simplified ski stop assembly
The new spring lever plate allows for a more rigid assembly with a better distribution of the spring box’s tensile forces. Henceforth the forces are distributed on 6 screws (4 screws in the plate and 2 back screws of the low tech which press on the plate. This new plate guarantees a good grip on light hiking skis.
This new spring lever plate also allows the mounting of the ski stops without dismantling the binding, because the ski stop is placed on top of it.
Even stronger – more reliable and secure
The improvement made to this set of pieces solves the problem of the spring box “jump” in hiking mode. Now the red bar is maintained at the front, thanks to a stud that fits into a groove in the touring plate. It can no longer slip off unexpectedly.
The rear locking is guaranteed by a vertical locking of the touring hook, thanks to a lateral stop. The touring hook has been redesigned for a better maintenance of the red bar.

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