Simple yet effective.

Here is Brawzinho’s signature harness. We have stripped out some more layers, to keep simplifying on the search for the perfect wave harness. With a lower, slimmer outline, and a simple well thought interior featuring a molded spinal grip EVA we are aiming for advanced ergonomics. A harness you can count on. Not bulky, not invasive yet solid and light!

Marcilio Browne: “I love the simplicity and functionality of our new harness. Super lightweight and great outline fits perfect around the waist and stays low while sailing. This is one of my favorite features. Also, love the new quick release, feels awesome to just have to set it once a season. Having two straps on each side allows the bar to stay stable and fixed without having to be adjusted with too much tension…”

  • Small (S) = 26 — 29 | 23.5cm BAR
  • Medium (M) = 29 — 32 | 28.5cm BAR
  • Large (L) = 32—36 | 28.5cm BAR
  • XLarge (XL) = 36—38 | 28.5cm BAR

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Hinta: 193.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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