Peter Lynn Lynx v5

Reliable | Freeride | Snow

The Lynx is built to be a reliable companion for freeride snow adventures. With its medium Aspect Ratio, open cell depower foil with a safety 5th line, the Lynx is the most stable kite out there. Thanks to the new ‘Stop ‘n Go’ system, which makes every adventure safe, you will never have to compromise on fast turns and slopes. The Lynx V5 makes freeride snowkiting easy to get into and enjoy to the max. Lay the first tracks and experience the crunching sound of fresh powder on white covered terrains. The thrill of riding off the beaten tracks, surrounded by the peace and silence of exploring outside busy ski resorts, is within anyone’s grasp with the Lynx.

The new Lynx V5 is also available in Ultralight with 32 grams Porcher Canopy for smaller and lighter packing. It’s agile and stable for more fun during your snow adventures. Available in petrol/white and white/petrol.

Safe, easy and accessible
The Lynx’s ease of use makes it the perfect depower foil for riders of any skill level, whether you are just getting to grips with depower or are a seasoned veteran looking for a stable wind engine. The Lynx features a stop and go system that completely shuts down power quickly and safely, yet the kite is extremely easy to get back in the air again.

100% depower safety
The Lynx features a 5th line specifically designed to ensure safe landings or safe releases in tricky situations. The safety line acts like an extra bridle which is connected to the sides of the kite: by pulling the 5th line, the kite safely compacts into a bundle, immediately eliminating 100% of the kites power.

Agile yet highly stable
The medium Aspect Ratio wing is designed to be as stable as possible in all, different conditions. The specially designed Dyneema® bridle results in a highly responsive and quick turning wing.

The smooth and accessible power of the Lynx allows for a broad range of uses. Along with freeriding snowkite adventures, it is also perfectly suitable for landboarding, comfortable buggy cruising or for teaching purposes.

4m² 529,00€ (+499,00€ Magnet Bar)
6m² 599,00€ (+499,00€ Magnet Bar)
8m² 669,00€ (+499,00€ Magnet Bar)
10m² 729,00€ (+499,00€ Magnet Bar)

Hinta: Alk. 529.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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