Rottefella NTN Freedom

Rottefella Freedom is a binding for those who seek freedom and challenges outside marked trails.

  • Lightweight.
  • Walking mode with low resistance and wide opening angle.
  • Progressive resistance.

    With its unique fixing to the boot, the Freedom binding has a completley different power transfer to the ski than what you are used to. This means that the traditional use of hard springs to stiffen
    up the binding is unnecessary. The Freedom functions optimally with the spring strength recommended for the boot size.

    (note that NTN bindings not are DIN certified release bindings)

Weight: 1500 grams per pair
Height: 25 mm
Rotation point: 22 mm behind tip of boot
Walking opening angle: 60 degrees
Heel lifter: 35 mm and 65 mm
Ski brake: standard 110 mm

Boot size large:
Comes with Medium (Blue) power tube
26.5 and up Scarpa/Crispi
26.0 and up Garmont/Scott

Boot size small:
Comes with Soft (Green) power tube
26.0 and down Scarpa/Crispi
25.5 and down Garmont/Scott

Hinta: 409.95 € 320.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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