Unifiber Evolution Monofilm riki

Täydellinen rikipaketti aloittelijalle


We highly recommend this friendly-priced rig pack for adult newcomers to windsurfing with an eye-catching style. Unifiber’s Evolution Rigs are the perfect package for those looking to buy their first all-in-one rig pack. The package holds the sail, mast, boom, extension, rope set and a bag for easy storage and transport. All you need is a baseplate and board to get going!




5.0m² – 519.00€
5.5m² – 569.00€
6.0m² – 639.00€

Hinta: Alk. 519.00 €

sis. alv 24%

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+358 40 765 4520 / info@amped.fi


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